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Consumption Cleanse

8 Day Workshop

January 4th, 2022

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    When I say be creative I don’t mean that you should all go and become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.

    And that is the essence of wisdom—to be in harmony with nature, with the natural rhythm of the universe. And whenever you are in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe, you are a poet, you are a painter, you are a musician, you are a dancer.”

― Osho

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Consumption Cleanse


Are you a CONSUMER or a CREATOR?

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Why Creativity?

You can not be a creator and a consumer at the same time. It’s not physically possible.

And yet, your ability to tap into your creativity is what leads to genuine happiness and fulfillment, which is what we all desire in our lives.

Creation is tied to connection. Connection to self allows you to make meaning out of the meaningless. To find purpose in chaos. To find your natural rhythm and harmony.

Creation is your contribution, which is one of the human needs. It’s the thing that connects you to others, as you have something to give to this world.

Creation is what allows you to receive - receive love, receive money -  because you are contributing something of value.

Creation leads to genuine fulfillment.

Remember, creativity, doesn’t mean you have to be a painter or writer. It means you get to create whatever you feel pulled to create. You get to make your life a work of art. 

For some of you that may be creating a tech business, for others, beautiful moments and meals for your family or maybe creating courses where you teach from personal experience. 

Yes, some of you will become writers, poets, dancers and musicians. 

However, creativity has more to do with allowing your life to be something you are creating instead of something that is happening to you. It means allowing life to move through you instead of muscling your way through it. Your life gets to be in alignment with your authentic truth and your genuine desires. 

In so doing, you are a creator.

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Interested in becoming a creator?

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The Consumption Cleanse

Just like anything, sometimes you need a kick start. Sometimes you have to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other to come back and meet your balance. 

You may be wondering, “from what side to what side will I be swinging?”

From toxic CONSUMER to CREATOR is what…

“And how exactly will I be doing that?”


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What is it?

It’s my new fool proof way, to get you out of consumption and into creation. 

I know you might ask, “What the hell does consumption have to do with creation, contribution, finding my passions and feeling fulfilled?”

Like I mentioned above, we are either consuming or creating and since this time of year seems to be a time of consumption, come Jan. 1, you’ll be ready for this cleanse….

I’ll start by saying over-consumption is a sign that you are filling a void or a hole in your life. Hoping something outside of yourself will complete what you feel is missing.

Sometimes you consume to feel more, to feel less, or not feel at all.

I don’t know about you, but for me, my life in my 20s was all about consuming - consuming clothes, bags, Botox, spray tans, bleach (for my fried blonde hair) food, alcohol, events, work, workouts, & travel.

Whatever I could get my hands on to fill the void of “not enough-ness” inside of me. 

Then there are constant messages form society and marketers explaining that if I feel like shit, their product or pill will fix it.

So over consumption became a theme.

I feel ugly - those clothes, that Botox, makeup, or spray tan - that’ll do it.

I feel fat - that diet, cleanse, workout, and pills - those will do it.

I feel sad - that booze, event, bag, or trip - that’ll do it.

I feel empty - that relationship (usually toxic), that job (typically unfulfilling), money (fleeting), and all of the above - that’ll do it.

Can you relate?

Here is the caveat, when we are over-consuming, hoping, consciously or unconsciously, that something outside of ourselves will make us feel better, the external stuff will never be enough because the hole can’t be filled externally, it’s an internal process of feeling whole, connecting to yourself, and finding your creativity.

Toxic consumption is the antithesis of creation, which is where life exists.

Don’t get me wrong, we need consumption. It's part of the circle of life. If we don’t have people consuming our creations or we don’t consume other’s creations, we can’t complete the cycle of giving and receiving. 

However, it’s in aligned consumption that we create harmony, balance and joy. 

Aligned consumption comes from ridding ourselves of our limiting programming and understanding that we are the creator of our reality. That nothing comes from the outside world, it comes from our inside world.

Aligned consumption alongside connection to our creativity is what leads to genuine happiness and fulfillment.

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Is This You?

Ready to get out of toxic consumption and into powerful creation!

Ready to contribute!

Ready to feel fulfilled!

Ready to make 2022 a work of art!

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We start Jan. 4th.

It’s an 8 day Challenge, everyday at 10AM ET / 7AM PT.


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The Cleanse

Each day of the 8 days we will start by connecting to our bodies for 15 minutes. You will learn different embodiment, breath work, meditation and connective practices.

Following will be a 30 minute discourse where we will get to the root of your consumption triggers and constructs so you can unravel your programming and become the creative contributor you desire to be. 

Each day there will be a “challenge" to cleanse yourself of a limiting patterns and ways of being, allowing you to tap into your creative energy. 

There you will be - connected to yourself and ready to let your creativity flow.

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Discourse Topics & Challenges

Day 1 - Consumption & Creation - The Roots  

-Aligned Consumption versus Toxic Consumption

-Where does toxic consumption come from?

-Ego versus Creativity

-Where does ego come from?

Challenge 1: Pick one thing you consume in a toxic way are remove it from your reality for the full 8 days.

Day 2 - Attachment Styles 

- Anxious, Avoidant or Secure

- Why do we create attachment to food, alcohol, social media, events, people, etc?

-How does are attachment styles impact our creativity?

Challenge 2: What is your one main attachment? What are you using to avoid feeling? Alcohol, caffeine, social media, TV? Cut it out the remainder of the cleanse.

Day 3 - Identity & Role Playing

-Why does the way we view ourselves impact our ability to connect to our truth?

-Identifying what roles & ways of being are keeping you disconnected from yourself and your creativity

-How to implement new habits to shift identity at the deepest level so you feel authentically you and connected to your truth.

Challenge 3 - What word do you use to describe yourself often? What “limiting” construct/identification do you use to keep yourself where you are? What do you need to believe about yourself in order to become the person you desire to be? Pick a word as an intention and a new identity you will be embodying for the remainder of the cleanse (and 2022). You must introduce yourself to one person a day with your name and your word. "Hi I am Erica and I am embodying ease in 2022." 

Day 4 - The Complete Day  

-Balance & A Calm Nervous System connects us to our creative energy because we are no longer in fight or flight. 

-How to bring balance, fulfillment and joy into your personal and family life. You will learn the 6 buckets of having a complete day.

Challenge 4: Which bucket is lacking from your reality? What can you do to bring it into your world to make it complete? Sign up for a class, add in a new routine or self-care practice, start a new hobby, connect with a new friend or group. Put it into your calendar and implement it in the next 24 hours.

Day 5: Practices & Self-Expression

-How to let go of stored up emotions in the body which lead to toxicity and disease.

-Emotion is energy in motion, we must feel to heal.

-We will be discussing the energetics of expansion.

Challenge 5: What new practice will you be implementing the rest of your cleanse? Add it into your schedule for 15 minutes a day, starting today.

Day 6: Reparenting & Self-Sourcing 

-None of us got all our needs met as kids and we got our needs met in ways that weren't necessarily healthy for our wellbeing. Therefore we all have areas in our lives where we need reparenting and tools to self-source feelings of peace, joy, and happiness. This creates a calm nervous system which supports us in tapping into our creative energy and mind instead of our fight or flight brain. Learn the 4 arenas of reparenting and techniques to do so. 

Challenge 6: Dopamine and Digital Detox. Pick from Level 1 to 3 to remove adrenaline driven activities from your day on Sunday. Use this time to foster sourcing your own joy, peace and safety. 

Day 7 : Sex and Creativity

- Learn how sex, pleasure and creativity are deeply linked. 

- Tips and tools to tap into your sexual energy (your creative energy) - which is the energy used to do the most creative thing we can do, create a baby.

Challenge 7: Pleasure Practice 

Day 8: Your Inner Artist

-Learn tools to deepen into powerful creation and discover your inner artist.

Challenge 8: Sit down and write for 25 minutes or 4 straight pages (without stopping) about everything you learned about yourself. What does consumption mean to you now? What practices will you bringing into your life? What tools will you use to foster your inner artist? How doffed now versus the first day?

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Pay in Full is $155

or 2 monthly payments of $88

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Thanks for submitting!

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