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Trading Your Fear For Faith

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Some days I wake up with so much gratitude and love in my heart, with a huge desire to create, write, and give back to my community. Other days, I wake up with a heaviness and uncertainty of what is next, how I’m going to pay my bills, and what the future holds. Worried about families and children who are having trouble putting food on the table and where their next paycheck is coming from.

I got asked the other day how I deal with my fears and uncertainties at this time of COVID-19 quarantine, so I thought I could use my own experience as some guidance for others.

My very first response is an immense amount of faith in the universe. I lean on my faith, in something bigger than myself. Call it God, call it the universe, call it a power greater than myself it really doesn't matter. It's just that I know there is something bigger out there, that it isn't just me. When I feel this connection to something bigger, I then feel that everything is happening for the ultimate good, that the universe genuinely has my back and yours. From this space I can ask the universe what she is trying to show me and teach me in this moment? Where is she divinely guiding me? It’s a choice to live in faith and we have to strengthen the faith muscle. It takes practice if you’re just starting out with that mentality and when you get there your baseline for happiness grows, you see everything as a sign, you listen to your intuition and then feel like your most authentic self, which ultimately brings in people, places and situations that are aligned with who you are. We wind up in careers and around people we love. And when hard situations arise, we always feel there is something to learn and grow from and wait for the bigger picture to reveal itself - without fail it always does.

A good way to practice faith is to connect to yourself and the universe. So next, I lean into my practices and my rituals. I go inward. I pray and meditate daily, usually twice a day, especially at this time. I do breath work, journal and then I make sure I move my body -whether that’s dancing, bouncing on my trampoline, running or hitting my yoga mat every day to stretch. I find that these practices, and anyone who does them will tell you, make me feel connected to myself, which brings me into presence. They strengthen my intuition, fill me with a calm and focused energy, and open me up to receive information from the universe. When we pray and set intentions, we are putting information, energy and our desires out into the universe. When we meditate, we open up to receive information from the universe. It’s a very powerful practice of co-creation and it can help us figure out what we desire, how to manifest our dreams and goals or just how to relax into the moment.

Next, I give myself the permission to feel what I am feeling, when I am feeling it... without judgment. A lot of these emotions are dying to release from our bodies. We are feeling them because they are ready to come out. So if you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like screaming, scream. I definitely scream into a pillow sometimes, or drive my car to a quiet spot by the beach and go to town... get it out! Dancing, jumping, yelling, stretching, massaging your body and breath work, are all very cathartic practices that can help release trauma and emotion that is trapped inside. Side note* When these intense feelings come up, try not to numb with alcohol, drugs, food, TV, social media or anything else you use to not feel. These things take us out of our bodies, out of presence and keep our emotions pushed down. It's important to feel and release, otherwise they stay stored in our subconscious and in our bodies. Like the quote from Carl Jung says, "Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Make sure you use this time to feel, release and go inward, so you can start to make the unconscious, conscious, and create the life you wish to lead.

I then, ask myself the questions regarding what I’m feeling... is this mine? Is this old or is it new? Is this a real threat? Where is it coming from? Why has this been triggered? What is the universe trying to teach me here? How can I grow?

Most of the time I can figure out the source of what is bothering me. Sometimes it’s very old, sometimes it’s from last year and sometimes it’s because I was consuming negative information or was around someone with a negative perspective. Every time I can see some sort of lesson or a way to change my perspective.

This leads me to my last point, protect your energy! Our minds are so powerful and we are very adaptable. Be around the light seekers (at this time, FaceTime with the light seekers). You will pick up on their psychology and rituals and you will start to emulate them. Notice what brings out the magic and what brings out the madness in you. If you're noticing Aunt Sue is a real downer, set some serious boundaries and make a plan on how to follow through with them, so you hold yourself accountable. Choose to feed your mind healthy information and your body nutritious foods. Get rest, love on yourself and ask yourself daily what you need. It’s usually a combination of everything I discussed. And above all else... remember healthy human connection. HEALTHY HUMAN CONNECTION. People who will honor your feelings as real without judgment, let you see them and see you in return with compassion, make you laugh, love on you and help you stay positive.

Sending everyone positivity and love today.

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