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A Journey into Deeper Awareness, Alignment and Expansion

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Awareness: The ability to see you are co-creating your entire reality. Your life is a mirror of your inner energetics. Through awareness you will expand into higher levels of consciousness by shedding light on unconscious patterns and programming that are keeping you stuck.

Alignment: Staying in your power no matter what is going on circumstantially in your life. Living in the frequencies of trust, faith, and freedom, when things are going your way AND when they “feel” like they are not, so you make choices from these frequencies and remain open and available to receive new experiences that are in alignment with your higher self. 

Expansion: Practicing new ways of being and perceiving, so you make new choices from this space of alignment, that are in congruency with the person you are becoming. No longer identifying with past programming and pain so you expand your power, become magnetic and attract your desires with ease.

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Explore our 6 week journey to being Empowered AF...

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Week 1:

 Amplifying Awareness & Awakening to You Authenticity

You are not our stories, you are not your past programming and pain, you are the watcher. Let’s create space between your identity and unconscious patterns so you begin to see and FEEL the truth of who you really are.

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Week 2:

Feel, Shift, Heal, Release

We create awareness between us (the watcher) and the unconscious parts of ourselves, so we stop participating with it. We might not know where we are going but we know who we no longer desire to be, so we can open up the door to new possibility, trusting those possibilities and opportunities will reveal themselves when they are meant too. 

Let's dive deep into your blind spots and unconscious patterns that are no longer serving who you are becoming. Let’s get clear on how you are showing up, why you are showing up that way, what you perceive you are getting from these stories, so you can begin to feel, shift, heal and release.

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Week 3:

Emotional Alchemy & Alignment

Flow isn't being happy because things are "going your way", flow is recognizing it's all happening FOR you, whatever is happening, is happening, because it is meant to be happening and because of that you are open and in flow. Notice where you are making shit hard for yourself, where you are creating stories that are creating sensations in your body, that are cutting you off from the flow of life.

Learn to tap into the frequencies of faith, freedom and flow - Aligning your energy no matter what is happening in your life, so you begin to make choices that are in congruency with the person you are becoming.

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Week 4:

Money, Power & Magnetism

You are the leading energy in your life, your business and your relationships. Learn to expand past your edges and live in your power, becoming magnetic and manifesting your desires with ease.

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Week 5:


This will be an hour breathwork session where you clear out toxins and emotions that have been trapped and stored in the body over the course of our lives.

When we release, we begin to genuinely heal and vibrate higher.

You will acquire breathwork techniques to bring into your daily practice.

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Week 6:

1:1 Q & A

Ask me anything! Get access to 1:1 coaching and let’s dive deep into what is happening in your personal life. Learn from other like-minded women looking to expand in every arena of their lives. When we are in the vibe of power and remain consistent and accountable, we start to take on the ways of being, beliefs and thoughts of the person we are becoming that much quicker.

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empowered af.

Join me in becoming aware of your unconscious patterns, aligning your energy and expanding into new realms of consciousness, so you can attract new experiences that are in harmony with your higher self.

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Pay in Full Early Bird Pricing $1111

or 3 payments of $500 

After the First 5 sign-ups $1555

or 3 payments of $588

Pay In Full Bonus: 45 minute Workshop with Erica: Living Your Truth and Dharma; creating a business that’s in alignment with your higher self.

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