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Work With Me

Empowerment Mentorship & Coaching Program

Working 1:1 with Erica you will unravel unconscious programing and patterns keeping you stuck and tap into your infinite potential and unlock your limitless power.

Breathwork & Meditation

Available via Zoom or in person outside -learn breathing techniques and go deep into the subconscious to release old patterns and stored trauma. Other benefits of breath include alkalization of the PH in the blood, creating muscle tone, removing toxins from the body, calming down the nervous system, improved immunity and cognitive functions, an increase in creativity and vitality, and elevated mood and sleep cycles. 

Finish with an intentional meditation to manifest.

Sessions are an hour long and use mostly Three-Part Breath Methods, (Dirga Pranayama) that are activating.

Motivational Speaking

Erica's background in Psychology and Sociology plus her life experience aids her as an incredible motivational speaker. She has traveled around the world extensively, worked with the highest level celebrities and has had her fair share of life circumstances. She is now using her journey to help others shift their perspectives, unlearn unwanted patterns and beliefs systems and go out in the world and create the lives they were destined to live. Let's create the ripple effect of positive change.

Work With Me: Services
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