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Transcend your mind and tap into your limitless power

with Breathwork

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When: Monday's @ 3PM PT/ 6PM ET

Where: Zoom

With: Erica Sauer, Empowerment Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

Who: You! This is a Group Class!

Why: We spend so much time stuck in our minds, creating the same blah reality for ourselves. In order to change our lives, consistently expand our power and increase feelings of freedom, we have to get out of our heads, into our bodies and interrupt our patterns. Breathwork is a  means of breaking the addictive thought loops, getting us into presence and creating space, so we can let go of sabotaging and toxic thoughts no longer serving us and create new, empowering and expansive realities.

What: 3 Styles of Breath  

Deep Rhythmic Breathing to clear your energy and oxygenate the blood cells.

Kundalini Breath to connect deeper to the body, tap into the creative brain, improve focus, clarity and productivity.

Three-Part Breath for toxin release, energy boost, and heart opening.

How Long: 1 Hour

How Much: $33 per session

Let's transcend your mind and tap into your limitless power

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