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Embodying Boundaries

 >March 30th

  >4 weeks

   >3 Workshop Calls

    >1 Q & A 


      >Voxer Group Chat

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***When you pay-in-full you get a FREE BREATHWORK CLASS with Erica***

$1111 or 4 payments of $388

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Why do you need boundaries?

Boundaries are the gate keeper of who and what you allow in your life.   

Boundaries are the gatekeeper of who and what you allow in your life.

They are the curator of your future.

Healthy boundaries protect your energy and give you potency and power.

They show people who are no longer in alignment with who you are becoming, where the door is.

Boundaries are the loving energy you need to protect your value and worth. 

Without them you are available for toxicity and unhealthy relationships. 

They get you out of victimhood and into powerful creator. 

Boundaries draw a line between what is what is yours to hold and what is someone else's. Supporting you in getting out of codependent tendencies.

They let people know how to treat you and what you're energetically available for. 

They empower you to say "yes" to everything that is serving you and "no" to everything that is not in alignment with who you are becoming.

They allow you to embody your authentic voice so your world becomes a reflection of who you are. 

They support you in building trust in yourself. 

They cultivate confidence and courage. 

They make your inner child feel safe, seen chosen and heard. 

They support you in becoming the authority of your life.

Boundaries increase your energy and vitality.

They support healthy, co-committed, co-created relationships. 

Boundaries set you free and expand your personal power.

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Who is this for?

You're in need of healthy boundaries if...

  • You feel like you have trouble saying "no." 

  • You feel taken advantage of often.

  • You abandon yourself and your needs for others often. 

  • You give without feeling like you receive. 

  • You feel like you emotionally dump or get dumped on.

  • You desire a world that is a reflection of you and your authenticity. 

  • You desire equal partnerships instead of the strive for power and control.

  • You desire to give & receive.

  • You desire the ability to self-express vulnerably and connect deeply.

  • You desire to feel safe to be yourself in your relationships and at work.

  • You desire to feel empowered in your choices.

  • You desire to be able to say "no" with confidence and free from guilt.

  • You are ready to trust yourself.

  • You are ready to feel safe, seen, heard and chosen.

  • You are ready to see what you are worth in your bank account.

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Week 1

The Who, What Where & Why of Boundaries

What are boundaries?
What types of boundaries are there?
What is my boundary type?
Why do I need boundaries?
Why don't I have boundaries?
Where do I create boundaries?
With whom do I need boundaries?
Where and with whom am I sabotaging?
How do boundaries effect my energy and what I attract?

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Week 2

Understanding Yourself

  • Conquering Your Inner Critic & Limiting Beliefs

  • Go From External Validation To Self Leadership

  • Removing Blocks Of Shame & Guilt

  • Tapping Into Your True Self

  • Desires, Needs & Values

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Week 3

Embodying Boundaries

  • Identifying A Loss of Freedom, Power and Self-Expression

  • Implementing Boundaries

  • Conscious Communication 

  • Embodying Potency & Power

  • Vulnerability, Connection & Containment

  • Being Your Boundaries

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Week 4

Q & A + Hot Seat Coaching

  • Get 1:1 Coaching In A Group

  • Ask Me Anything

  • Learn From Other Like-Minded People

  • Practice Vulnerability & Truth

  • Embody Your Boundaries

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$1111 or 4 payments of $388

***When you pay-in-full you get a FREE BREATHWORK CLASS with Erica***

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