Why do you need boundaries?

Because without them you let everything in and when you let everything in you become a fly strip for toxicity and spiritual vampire-ism.

Boundaries delineate from what is theirs to what is ours.

They let people know how to treat you and what you'll allow in your life. 

They empower us to say "yes" to everything that is serving us and "no" to everything that is not an energetic match with the truth of who we are.  

They allow us to embody our authentic desires and needs so our world becomes a reflection of who we authentically are.  


Who is this for?

You feel like you have trouble saying "no." 

You feel taken advantage of often.

You abandon yourself and your needs for others often. 

You give without feeling like you receive. 

You feel like you emotionally dump or get dumped on.

You desire a world that is a reflection of you and your authenticity. 

You desire equal partnerships instead of the strive for power and control.

You desire to give & receive.

You desire the ability to self-express vulnerably and connect deeply.

You desire to feel safe to be yourself in your relationships and at work.

You desire to feel empowered in your choices.

You desire to be able to say "no" with confidence and free from guilt.



The Who, Where, Why & What of Boundaries

Who am I currently being?

Where did my identity come from?

Why do I play the role I play?

Why do I self-abandon?

What are boundaries?

What types of boundaries are there?



Understanding Who I AM

Tools for Self-Discovery

The Inner Critic & Limiting Beliefs

Internal versus external Authority 

Desires, Needs & Values

Passion, Purpose, Dharma

The Vibe of Freedom



Embodying Boundaries

Energy Leaks 

Identifying A Loss of Freedom, Power and Self-Expression

Implementing Boundaries

Conscious Communication 

Vulnerability, Connection & Containment


Womb Wisdom - Spirit versus Ego



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