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Erica Sauer is an International Empowerment Coach, Writer and Speaker whose expertise lie in supporting people to free themselves from their unconscious beliefs, patterns and past through spiritual mindset, embodiment practices, breathwork and image therapy - tuning them into their limitless potential and giving them access to the rich and fulfilling life they know they deserve.

People in Erica's programs report feeling a sense of freedom and ease in their lives and relationships, improved confidence and courage to express themselves and communicate consciously, more passion in their marriages/partnerships, starting businesses they are excited about, doubling their incomes, letting go of childhood trauma keeping them stuck and raising their baseline for happiness in exponential ways. 

Erica can be seen hosting workshops and talks with international hotel groups, corporations, brands, young kids in schools and with celebrity clientele, one-to-one. 

The fine print: Erica studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Southern California, Meditation in Pune, India at the Osho Meditation Center and got her certification to facilitate Breathwork in Los Angeles, CA. She has had two prior successful careers - one as a NCAA athlete, spending time on the tennis tour and receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California. She also, had a ten year career in the entertainment industry, as a successful hair and makeup artist to high-level celebrities including Brad Pitt, John Legend and The Jonas Brothers. She has the codes to support you in living a rich and fulfilling life in a career you love. 

Contact Erica today for workshop, speaker and program options and availability.

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