Erica Sauer is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Writer & Speaker who incorporates psychological modalities and meditative practices in her programs, to support you on your spiritual journey of growth and expansion - shedding programmed thoughts, belief systems and patterns no longer serving you and unveiling your most authentic self. The intentions of Erica’s methods are to build deep connection between mind, body and spirit, gaining confidence and trust in your internal guide, so you can live a fulfilling and authentic life, full of expansion.

Erica studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Southern California, and Meditation in Pune, India at the Osho Meditation Center. She has had two prior successful careers, one as a NCAA athlete, spending some time on the tennis tour and receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship to USC. She also, had a ten year career in the entertainment industry, as a successful hair and makeup artist. Some of her clients included Brad Pitt, John Legend and The Jonas Brothers. 

Living a colorful life full of many experiences - including travel all over the world, living in Paris and India, exposure to many vastly different cultures, and living the 'glamorous' life, Erica was still participating in abusive relationships, addictive tendencies, divorce, debt and so forth. Through spiritual alignment and mental clarity, she transformed her life. She now lives an abundant and balanced life, pursuing her passions, trusting herself and her choices, and helping others do the same.

Erica’s purpose is to support you in fulfilling your dreams and becoming your most authentic self, by working with different modules, over 6 week or 3 month programs. Erica personalizes the modules to get you into awareness and acceptance of patterns, rewire your mind, rewrite your story and make decisions that serve you, so you can access a beautiful state and thrive. You will acquire tools and meditative practices to support you along your journey, set intentions that align with your most authentic self, learn to manifest your dreams into a reality, and rise into abundance and community minded thinking and being. 

The energetics of the container will support you to make lasting shifts. Contact Erica today to set up your first session and let’s turn your magic all the way the f&*k on!