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My vision is to create and support a community of conscious, next-level leaders who live limitlessly, unleashed lives, and inspire others to do the same.

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My Coaching Philosophy

Erica Sauer is an International Coach, Writer, and Speaker with expertise in transformation. She supports people to see beyond their current realities and experience profound internal shifts, giving them access to their limitless power and infinite possibilities in their lives.

She uses philosophies in spirituality, quantum physics, psychology, and neuroscience to create a sense of freedom in the mind and breathwork, visualization, and image therapy to create a sense of ease in the body (nervous system regulation.)

This program is not a one-size-fits-all approach - she looks at your circumstances holistically and makes sure to create a deep sense of connection between your mind, body, and spirit. 

You will feel an overall sense of wellbeing - aliveness in your body and liberation in your spirit. The intention is to leave Erica's programs like her previous client's report - having a deep self-belief that you can create anything and everything you desire, feeling lit up and inspired by life, and bringing passion and purpose to everything you do. 

No settle vibes here, let’s get the BEST out of this wild human experience. You're worth it!

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The Fine Print:

Erica studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Southern California, Meditation in Pune, India, at the Osho Meditation Center, and got certified to facilitate Breathwork in Los Angeles, CA. 

She has had two prior careers - one as an NCAA athlete getting a full ride to USC and spending time on the pro tennis tour and a ten-year career in the entertainment industry, as a hair and makeup artist to celebrities including Brad Pitt, John Legend and The Jonas Brothers. Because of her ability to succeed in whatever she does, Erica has the mindset codes to get you to the top of whatever you decide.

She is passionate about hosting workshops, talks, and breathwork classes with international brands, corporations, and hotel groups around the world, and she works with celebrity clientele one-to-one; instead of working on the outside, she works on the inside.

Commitment, passion, pleasure, totality and growth in everything you do is where you are going!

Contact Erica today and create the unleashed, limitless life you know you deserve!

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