International Empowerment Coach, Writer and Speaker, Erica Sauer, expertise lies in empowering people to get to the next-level of their lives. Her programs focus on breaking free from unconscious patterning keeping you stuck in fear and past programming, so you align your energy, unlock your magnetic power and manifest your desires with ease.

She can be seen working with international hotel groups, corporations, brands, and celebrity clientele, one-to-one. 

Her column, Millions of Mirrors, for The Cosmic Revolution, is published monthly for doses of inspiration, tools and tricks to support you in getting to your next-level of power. 

Erica studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Southern California, and Meditation in Pune, India at the Osho Meditation Center. She has had two prior successful careers - one as a NCAA athlete, spending time on the tennis tour and receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California. She also, had a ten year career in the entertainment industry, as a successful hair and makeup artist to high-level celebrities including Brad Pitt, John Legend and The Jonas Brothers. 

Erica's programs, centered around expansion, stem from her personal life experiences. You name it, Erica has dealt with it. Her past makes her entirely relatable and gives her actual first hand credibility in how to break free from your mind, because she has actually done it. Letting go of abusive and codependent relationship patterns, an eating disorder, and massive debt through awareness, energetic alignment and the practice of new ways of being, she was able to transform every arena of her life. Next-level income, next-level relationships, next-level passions, next-level intimacy, next-level EVERYTHING. People in her programs have left their toxic marriages, started businesses, tripled their incomes and raised their baseline for happiness in exponential ways. 

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